Where toinstallprotectionscreens?

The most common is the application of protection networks in balconies, windows and service areas of apartments and townhouses, however the protection networks have a wide range of places where they can be applied as in sites, condominiums, houses, clubs, companies, soccer courts, volleyball protection nets, tennis courts, schools, construction sites, protection screens for stairs, swimming pools, etc …

How often should I review the safety nets?


The protection networks should be reviewed in accordance with the guidelines of the company that installed it, but we can easily evaluate the protection network’s state of conservation by observing details such as whether the wire of the protection network is broken, scaled, had its color altered, or if it has been damaged in any way by any kind of object, whether sharp or not.


In addition we can observe the state of the hooks that support the protection nets if they are rusty, crooked or have any type of damage that could compromise the resistance of the protection screens.


If there is some kind of alteration in the protection network, a qualified professional in protection networks should be consulted for a better evaluation and, if necessary, repairs to the protection nets, in this case, take advantage of the professional’s visit to evaluate the screens of protection, service, windowredes de proteção para gato, andallprotective networks installed in the residence or company.




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