What a Baby Giraffe Teaches Us About Viral Campaigns

5 Ways You Can Increase Your Business Coverage
Seeking for your next big advertising campaign? Could your business use a brand coverage boost?

You might like to take a lesson from the pet Excursion Park in New york city. pepe emoji

04 the Giraffe is near giving birth any instant now. Millions worldwide have been captivated on Bebo, watching April the Giraffe’s journey to giving delivery (and yes, I’m guilt ridden to admit I too am one of them! ). 

While following April’s progress from when the Adventure Park thought the lady was near her delivery date may have started out to be a simple enough event, the world commenced to consider notice and April’s pregnancy quickly travelled viral.

Interestingly, the live feed was installed to help the staff screen her without needing to maintain the barn 24-7. They thought it would be fun to make this feed available to people at the same time.

Little did they know within days they might have millions of audiences watching April’s every move, anxious to not miss the big event.

Basically if you read the comments on their Facebook or myspace page, you will see just how many are intently monitoring the big girl and her companion Oliver in the digital voice recorden next to her.

While like a daily follower (good thing I actually have 3 monitors so can always easily check in to see what she’s up to), the huge success of this campaign has me pondering about the lessons we company owners can learn about strengthening our brand id using this unique circumstance study.

So here’s 5 ways you too can build your business coverage as we examine a few tactics from April’s playbook:

1) Live Online video – Who can withstand the idea of seeing a baby animal? Baby animals are a huge draw and April’s soon-to-be-born baby is no exception.

Having a live video allows people to feel they are a part of the experience. Apart from YouTube, Facebook . com LIVE, Instagram Stories and Snapchat all have a live feed ability. What can you share live that your followers would find of interest?

Bear in mind people don’t want to be marketed to; they wish to be a part of something and be interested. And once they become part of the account, they get addicted.

Live video is great marketing and a fantastic way of building your brand reach.

2) Sponsorship – Certainly not only has the Dog Adventure Park gotten amazing visibility out of 04 the giraffe, nonetheless they also turned it into an earnings creating activity.

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