Traditional Pocket Knives – Grandpa’s Choice and Still the Best

The easiest method to describe a traditional pocket or purse knife or folding blade is to think of the knife that your grandfather used to bring. It absolutely was probably a relatively promising small to medium size, two or three-bladed knife that he pulled out to peel apples, cut line, or go assortment of odd jobs. For several men of that generation, it was all they used for hunting, camping, work, or anywhere they experienced a purpose for a knife. credit card knife

Traditional knives are the folding knives which have been around for the last a century or so. They have certain characteristics in general, including traditional handle materials such as wood or bone, a nail nick in the blade to make opening surgery easier, and are held open by springs with no extra lock. It was can be carried in the pocket. If a cutting knife has assisted opening, extravagant locks, or a bank clip, it probably just isn’t a traditional knife. Well-liked patterns in traditional bank knives include the trapper, stockman, peanut, sodbuster, the legislature, copperhead, canoe, and whittler. 

Among the best companies making traditional pocket blades are Case Knives (or Case XX Knives), Money Knives, Queen Cutlery, Mooremaker, and GEC (Great Asian Cutlery). Some decent, but cheaper and lesser quality traditionally-styled knives are being produced by Rough Riders, Steel Warrior, and Remington.

The stockman, trapper, and sodbuster remain popular for hard-use knives among staff, ranchers, and outdoorsmen. More recent knives decide to make inroads, but the old knives are still good for the same purposes that they have always been used for, and will always be an outstanding choice. They will also, as well as such models as the peanut, and copperhead, make great general pocket blades or gentlemen’s knives, for many who prefer to carry a more socially acceptable, but still effective, pocket cutlery.

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