Testing Capacitor – How To Test A Capacitor When Breakdown Under Load

Perhaps you have ever come across electric power problem where once you start the power resource and the fuse hit? You have checked all the components in the energy (primary) and secondary section and all the components appears to be ok! Where is the fault? A blend blown are usually brought on by a shorted link rectifier, defective posistor, electric power transistor or FET, shorted primary winding of move mode power transformer, shorted secondary diode and and many others. However in this article Now i’m gone to teach you another secret of electronic servicing tips. rf capacitors

I got frustrated as to where is the reason for power problem. Every single time once i switch on the power supply the fuse blow immediately (the fuse became dark color which indicate that there is a major brief in the power supply). I’ve checked all the components in the electricity supply and can’t find the culprit! What i do is i desoldered all the suspected parts 1 by 1 and replaced with a known good component. I eventually found the caused of the power supply problem. You know what? It was the key filter capacitor (220 microfarad 400 volt). After exchanging the filter cap the power supply worked correctly fine. I get started my detective work to learn why this capacitor can induced the fuse to strike even though i already confirmed it Cofortable with my meters.

The metres that i used to check the filter hat were analog meter, digital capacitance meter and esr meter. In this article i will not describe about how precisely to check capacitor or testing capacitor and exactly how capacitor work. I thought almost all of you know how to check capacitors and also generally using this meters. Measured with analog it showed capacitor asking and discharge, with digital capacitor tester it confirmed around 220 microfarad and with esr meter it showed low esr reading!

This proved that bad capacitor breakdown when under full operating voltage. In that case, how do i validate that this filter capacitor is faulty? By utilizing an analog insulation tester. Once i hook up the defective cap to the m and press the go button-it showed a very low resistance and this is the proved of short circuit between your menu when voltage applied! Presently there is nothing to do with bad electrolyte. A good capacitor will just showed a charge and discharge in the efficiency meter like you are checking a capacitor using analog multimeter. On the market there is quite a number of amounts that you can buy. It has the range of 50v, 100v, 250v, 500v, 1000v and even 5000v! If you want to test a capacitor of 100 microfarad 160v then you have to pick 100v. If you choose 250v, it will hit your capacitor that is under test.

If you have the SENCORE EVALUATION EQUIPMENT including the sencore lc meter LC102 OR LC103, these meters have the functions of checking any type of capacitors with four tests:

-testing for capacitor values

-checking for leakage

-equivalent series level of resistance (ESR) and

-Dielectric compression

It can check lightweight aluminum electrolytic capacitor, film capacitor, ceramic, high voltage capacitor and the like.

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