Data Mining vs Screen-Scraping

facts mining isn’t always display-scraping. I understand that some people in the room can also disagree with that statementbut they may be surely two almost absolutely distinctive ideasgoogle scraper

In a nutshell, you would possibly nation it this waydisplay-scraping lets in you to get factswhere records mining allowsyou to investigate factsit is a pretty massive simplification, so i’ll tricky a chunk.

The term “display screen-scraping” comes from the vintage mainframe terminal days in which people worked on computer systems with green and black monitors containing simplest textual contentdisplay screen-scraping becomeused to extract characters from the displays in order that they can be analyzed. rapid-forwarding to the net global of these daysdisplay-scraping now maximum commonly refers to extracting statistics from web websitesthat iscomputerprograms can “move slowly” or “spider” thru internet sites, pulling out recordshumans frequently do this to constructsuch things as comparison buying engines, archive net pages, or honestly download text to a spreadsheet so that it canbe filtered and analyzed.

statistics mining, then again, is described through Wikipedia as the “exercise of mechanically looking massive shops of records for patterns.” In different words, you have already got the facts, and you’re now studying it to analyze usefulthings approximately it. information mining regularly entails masses of complex algorithms based on statistical techniques. It has nothing to do with how you acquire the information within the first area. In facts mining you simplestcare approximately analyzing what’s already there.

the problem is that individuals who do not know the time period “display screen-scraping” will strive Googling for anything that resembles it. We include some of these phrases on our web site to assist such oldstersas an instance, we created pages entitled textual content records Mining, automated facts collectioninternet website informationExtraction, and even web website online Ripper (I suppose “scraping” is sort of like “ripping”). So it affords a bit of a hassle-we don’t necessarily want to perpetuate a misconception (i.e., display screen-scraping = statistics mining), however we also must use terminology that human beings will sincerely use.

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